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10856448 10152432298060685 8853509214141043301 oHi to all akita lovers who visit Akita club Hellas website ,my name is Doncho Borisov and please let me introduce my life event that i've been waiting many years ago to visit the most beautifull and the biggest Akita event in the world, No.131 Akiho Honbuten Show in Japan 2014.

So let me explain a little bit about AKIHO .Akiho Is a breed kennel association who work on progress to develop the Japanese natural treasure – breed Akita Inu. Akiho wrote all the standards for the breed in the first place and they are divided from FCI so the standards are not the same and the judging is different.


There are a lot of Akiho divisions on many perfectures in Japan so the most respectable and most visited show in Japan is the final Akiho Honbuten Show. After many years working on this breed I decided to visit this event because if Europe walks with the development of the breed,Japan is running.

It was beautiful to see a lot of people from Japan who share the same passion, I met a lot of good loyal breeders and saw many beautiful dogs who represent the breed in a perfect shape and condition.

There are many differences at judging, Japanese Akiho judges judge in a white big circle where the dog and handler are in and out of the circle are judges who see the dog from many angles before making a decision, so I mean they don't run around the ring like in FCI judging way. After  all classes were judged there was a Lunch time and all the participants divide into a groups and have a lunch together on the ground. After that, the judging continued and finally the judges selected Meiyosho winners in 3 classes.

MEIYOSHO winners:
Male nr 188: HACHIDAI GO Koyama Matsubasou
Female nr 179: SHINO GO Enoshimasou
Female nr: 182: NAOMI GO Shirai

Classes in Akiho are divided by sex and age:

Puppy Class (up to 6 months)
Yoken Class B (6 - 8 months)
Yoken Class A (8 - 10 months)
Waka Inu Class (10 - 18 months) one of the biggest classes
Soken Class (18 - 30 months)
Seiken Class B (30 - 48 months)
Seiken Class A (above 48 months old)

My conclusion is that Japan is very spiritual reach country and japanese people are very respectable for foreigners and they are very nice hosts always smiled and willing to offer their help. I hope the visitors who read this website can enjoy beautiful pictures that I shot at the show.More information about me and my breeding at my personal facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/doncho.borisov

Doncho Borisov